Research 2023-2024

MSD Action Foundation Research Call 2023
Opening Date: October 20th 2023
Closing date for Expression of Interest applications: November 4th 2023 @ 5pm (GMT)

MSD Action Foundation (MSDAF) was established in March 2015. Our goal is to promote and support research that will lead to positive clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients suffering from Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency. We are members of the Health Research Charities Ireland  (The HRCI is based in Ireland and is formerly MRCG). As members of the HRCI, we have the opportunity to joint fund research that can be carried out in Ireland, Internationally or a collaboration of both. This opportunity is known as the ‘HRCI/HRB Joint Funding Scheme’ (The HRB = The Health Research Board which is also based in Ireland).

We invite applications for MSD focused research projects of up to a maximum of two years duration. The maximum funding we can make available to a successful applicant/s is €150,000. MSDAF may look more favourably upon applications of a shorter duration and/or those that come in at a lower cost. Proposals funded under this call can begin in October 2024 subject to contracts being negotiated in a timely manner from initial issue in September 2024.

Research Priorities 2023:
Applications are invited that cover any of the following research areas based on our current areas of need:

1/ Drug compound screening or repurposing.

2/ Personalised medicine. Although our primary focus is to support translation research as directly as possible we will strongly consider research proposals that may support translational approaches.

3/ Exceptional research proposals that may seem to be outside the scope of the above may also be considered, please contact in advance of application for discussion.

Application Process
Interested applicants are asked to complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. Following an internal review of all submissions received by the deadline, a shortlist of applicants will then be invited to complete the full application forms. Those full application forms will need to be returned to us by 2nd December 2023. The full applications will be subject to international peer review. Please see our ‘Guidance Notes’ for more information.

Successful project applications will be funded jointly by MSDAF and the HRB. Successful applicants will likely be notified in July 2024 after the HRB’s final decision.

  • The MSD Action Foundation Expression of Interest -Guide for Applicants document can be downloaded below
  • The MSD Action Foundation ‘Expression of Interest’ form can be downloaded below
  • Our Research Strategy can be download for reference
  • Expression of Interest forms must be submitted by 5pm (GMT) on November 4th 2023.

For further information or informal enquiries, please contact: or Alan Finglas (Research Manager) @ +353868265747 or directly at

For reference only, until such time as applicants might be invited to complete the full application form, here are the full application forms. They should only be completed if an EOI form has been submitted and you subsequently receive an invitation to move on to the forms below.

  1. The full application form is available here
  1. Instructions to applicants is available here