Research 2017

Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency (MSD): 1st Joint international scientific call for Expressions of Interest (EOI’s)

MSD Action Foundation (Ireland) and United MSD Foundation (USA) are pleased to announce our first international call for research proposals.

Our program aims to ensure that this devastating condition receives the research attention it requires and deserves. Researchers are now invited to apply for funding for research on Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency under either our Translational Research Grant or our Incubator Grant sections.

We hereby commit to make a minimum of €300K available in funding. It’s likely that we may opt to increase this figure significantly up to €450K. That will depend on the volume and quality of proposals received, and when they may be able to start. We hope to be in a position to fund a number of promising projects.

* Translational Research Grants are funding for projects with significant potential to move through the translational pipeline towards treatment. This includes pre-clinical and clinical research to develop or discover new treatments. We fund projects up to €100k/year for up to 2 years. Shorter timelines may be prioritised for funding.

* Incubator Grants focus on small scale projects investigating bright new ideas with the potential to generate results that may attract larger scale funding. We fund projects up to €100k for up to 1 year.  Smaller amounts with high potential and shorter timelines may be prioritised. Only where a clear commitment to apply to lever larger funding is apparent.

Applications should ideally focus on at least one of the two priority areas outlined in our Research Strategy (below) – (1) Halt Disease progression (2) Repair Damage.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) application form (click) EOI Application MSD 2017 should be completed while paying close attention to the following two documents.

Call for EOI applications open: August 2nd 2017.

Deadline for applications of the Expression of Interest: August 30th 2017 at 6pm GMT. Please send completed applications to

After review, EOI applications that are shortlisted to advance will be sent an invitation to submit a full Request for Proposal form (RFP). This RFP form will be sent to applicants immediately on September 13th  2017

Deadline for those invited to those that are invited to return completed Request for Proposal (RFP) applications is September 22nd 2017

For informal enquiries email

Some research projects may be co funded with a contribution coming from both foundations where possible.