Dylan’s Video

“This video will save a little boy’s life #SavingDylan.com”

MSD Action Foundation

Our URGENT Mission:To promote & support clinical research advancements that will lead to a life saving treatment or cure for children suffering from MSD. Their only wish is for a healthy life, you can help to make this wish come true!

Raised so far: €854,221


Imagine you or your loved one fell ill tomorrow and your are told the condition has no ready treatment and is fatal. You’re told that a good treatment or cure is possible but is too costly to create and therefore you or your loved one will slowly die. How would you feel and what would you do?

MSD Action Foundation supports promising international research for MSD. Funding is urgently needed to push research forward and stop this rapidly degenerative and fatal condition. Time is of the essence; your help is urgently needed to give the gift of life to children with Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency. Without your kind donation, research advancements for MSD treatments will not happen.

You can use the link above to donate using your credit or debit card even if you do not have a PayPal account. We have already raised €854,221 of our target goal of €2,000,000. Any amount you can give would be gratefully received. The donation process is simple and secure and only takes a couple of minutes. Many thanks for your time and effort.

Where there’s life, there’s hope. You can help save lives!

Registered Charity Number: 20100957